In 2006 one of us was hanging in a sketchy crib staring at a “Get Rich Or Die Trying” poster, one of us was meeting the love of their life in a foreign country, and one of us was meditating with a 90 year old Buddhist guru. We’ll let you guess who’s who.


Jana Dybinski is an award-winning culture creator.

Her curiosity about the world has lead her to feed wild hyenas from a stick in Ethiopia, smoke shisha in Istanbul, crack speakeasy codes in Buenos Aires, and get proposed to in a third-class carriage of a crowded train leaving Varanasi India.

Jana’s global perspective sparked her interest in corporate social responsibility, human capital development, and telling stories that inspire. Communications and digital marketing work eventually led her to become the VP of Marketing and Culture for a tech company, where she joined an executive team in transforming their struggling office culture into one that won awards, was named a Great Place to Work, and became a catalyst for business growth.

Jana can hang in mud huts with Maasai warriors or on private islands with top execs of the world’s biggest companies - and connect equally with them all.

When she’s not on stage sharing the brutal Glassdoor review that once made her cry, she’s in Canada’s capital, learning the floss dance from her 6 year old daughter.

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Jacob Sokol is a master of human connection.

He has a fierce desire for authenticity and self-expression along with an allergic reaction to the traditional rules and roles of society. In his adolescence, that manifested into running from cops while using the NYC subways as a personal playground for writing graffiti.

In his adult life, (following a brief lapse into convention via a lucrative IT consulting career,) that manifested in the creation of Sensophy: a life and business coaching company with a community in the tens of thousands and whose work has reached millions.

Over the past 10 years, Jacob has supported CEOs, world-class musicians, Hollywood stars, supreme court lawyers, monks, ninjas, and just about every other profession in living and working true to themselves while actualizing their potential and impact.

When he’s not leading retreats in Bali or coaching at his crib in Brooklyn, he’s listening to hardcore hip-hop or cuddling with his two cats.


Michael Balchan creates super humans.

His dad taught him to always do his best. His mom taught him to go with the flow of life. Together they encouraged him to take music lessons, become an eagle scout, live abroad, hold leadership positions in school and sports - and master a million other character (and resume) building activities.

All of this naturally lead Michael to study behavioral economics and psychology at Harvard. After spending the better part of a decade trading commodities, he left the markets and founded the executive coaching company efive.co, where he supported leaders in performing at their best. (This work was more closely aligned with his true passion: the study and practice of optimal living.) Somewhere in there he also ran a few marathons, married a super woman, became a top 10% Ironman finisher, mastered meditation, learned to write left handed and backwards, and became a dad.

But before you resolve to hate Michael for being so awesome, know that his laugh is infectious, his wisdom will blow your mind, and his support will feel like hanging out with someone you’ve trusted your whole life.

When he's not helping people evolve or leading a global army of coaches online, you can find him riding his bike around Chicago singing Hamilton songs with his dog Gus in his backpack.